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Our Approach

Great business depends upon creating an experience for customers that lifts them out of their negative perceptions into positive action.

Working with KrausCreative, your brand image and communication to your key audiences will reach a new level of clarity and polish—and, most important, they will generate the results you seek to make your business grow.

Step 1: Build It

Every effective marketing plan begins with a solid, enduring foundation.  We begin by making sure that your brand image materials are of the highest quality.

  • Is your web site up to date?
  • Does your logo need a 21st century facelift?
  • Do your printed materials reflect your current products and capabilities?
  • Do your customers and prospects know and understand all of your offerings?
KrausCreative gives your image and materials the attention they need to create the best demonstration of your brand image to your customers and prospects.

Step 2: Map It

Once your image is ready for prime time, KrausCreative applies all of its capabilities to align your business goals with effective marketing tactics.

The result is a Marketing Attack Plan that takes advantage of the many opportunities in the marketplace, tailored specifically to your organization.  There are no “off-the-shelf” solutions for marketing excellence—you need individualized attention and continuous improvement to excite your potential customers and propel your business forward.

With your M.A.P.™ in place, we deliver excellent start-to-finish execution—and we do it on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, based on your needs.




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